Cactus ampworks bio



         CACTUS AMPWORKS is a family owned mom and pop shop founded by Chris Gebhart in June of 2006. I, Chris, am a guitar player, former guitar tech for Michael  Schenker (Scorpions, UFO, MSG) and audio engineer of 28 years. I have always admired the simplicity and true tone of vintage hand wired tube amps. As technology has progressed amps have become more complicated, digital and sterile. The circuits I have designed are straight forward, simple, vintage influenced designs. These circuits aren’t colored with bells and whistles to hide the actual tone of the guitar. It’s simple. From the guitar, to the amp and speaker. Warm tube tone and compression that highlight the guitar tone and sound of the player. We used quality components, transformers and speakers. All cabinets are solid poplar construction and hand made. As a family business we take pride in our work, at the same time trying to keep our products competitive and affordable for the working musician. When you purchase from Cactus Ampworks you are not feeding a corporate monster but helping to put food on the table, pay a mortgage or buy diapers for a child. Thank You for taking time to check out our product.